«AKMASH-HOLDING» company was founded in 1995 and today consists of a group of enterprises solving a set of issues related to the engineering, serial production and supply of chain products.

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A wide range of products:

  • Standard roller chains
  • Drop forged rivetless chains
  • Heavy-duty standard conveyor chains (S-rollers, R-rollers and F-rollers available)
  • Heavy-duty conveyor chains
  • Long link chains (various attachments available
  • Drop fork link chains
  • Engineered class conveyor chains
  • Galle load chains
  • Offset sidebar welded steel chains
  • Deep link roller conveyor chains with oversized roller for direct conveyance on the chain links (also top plate style available)
  • Special chains with bent or welded scrapers, PE scrapers, steel and PE pusher lugs, slats, cradles, rubber paddles, etc.
  • Sprockets with induction hardened teeth (taper-lock and taper-bush sprocket types available)
  • Sliding rales (made of steel or PE)
  • Shafts
  • Augers
  • Special toothed and rubber-top chains
  • The advantages of cooperation with our company:

    1. Multi-stage quality control of products, certified Quality Management.

    2. Ready solutions for difficult operating conditions (heavy loads, top and side impacts, snow, damp environment, gritty mud, freezing cold environment and high temperatures heating).

    3. Ability to select multiple categories of product quality for different application environment.

    4. Solid bushings and solid rollers. Solid pin / hollow pin riveting and forge-rolling, solid pin welding available.

    Чертеж цепи

    5. Best Russian carbon / alloy steel and Swedish Hardox® steel processing opportunities.

    6. Custom sizes available according to the drawings or samples.

    7. Engineered class precision conveyor chains made of heat-treated alloy steel.

    8. Induction hardening, case hardening and bulk metal hardening available.

    9. Shot peening of side bars available for shock resistance and greater wear life.

    10. Large park of special and universal equipment.

    11. INCOTERMS 2010 transportation and delivery in practice worldwide.

    The largest part of the technical solutions is aimed at improving the strength and operational durability, including the use of materials for work in exceptional temperature conditions. We are constantly developing new technical solutions tailored to the needs of our Customers.

    Having found suitable products, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product in optimum terms.


    Wood and Paper Industry Biofuel Industry Cement Industry
    Automotive Industry Meat Processing Plants and Abattoirs Mining Industry
    Oil and Natural Gas Industries Insulation Material Industry Metal Handling and Metal Processing
    Canning Industry Mechanized Bakeries Sugar Mills
    Waste Recycling Industry Agricultural Chains Brick & Tile Industry
    Motorcycle Industry Packaging Industry Train Conveyor Systems
    Bulk Material Handling Industry

    Corporate Contact Information:

    «AKMASH-HOLDING» Group of Factories
    Main office address:
    34 Miklukho-Maklay St., Moscow, 117279, Russia
    Manufacturing enterprise address:
    12/4 Tikhaya St., Kirov region, Kirov, 610014, Russia
    Tel. +7 8332 50-00-00
    E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
    Internet: www.akmash.ru

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